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Sell your clothes to your fans and make even more cash.
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This will open the door to many more creative opportunities. By becoming a part of the Stargazer community, you will have access to tons of similar opportunities with the brands you know and love. Even some up and coming brands you never even knew existed…


1. Login with your Youtube Channel

It is a way for us to verify you are the owner, and give you the opportunity to link your paypal email and get paid!


2. Create a Video and put your Trackable link

You have total freedom on creativity of the video. We can only suggest the most performing creative based on Youtube trends.

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3. Track and get paid!

Don't forget to put your link, it is the only way to measure your referals and update your compensation status. Check example videos below

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the pay?

Once you sign up, we’ll ask for your price and come to an agreement based on what’s doable for you and the brand.

What do I have to do/say in the video?

We will layout specific guidelines and talking points that you’ll be able to view once you sign up.

How am I getting paid?

Your profile will allow you to input your preferred payment method such as PayPal or wire transfer.

Will you review the video before going live?

We review all videos within 6 hours and if necessary will request quick and easy edits to make sure the video hits all the requirements.

Can I change my PayPal or preferred payment method?

Yes. Anytime.

Do I have to create a video if I sign up?

No. Signing up simply gives you access to the Poshmark Influencer Program, as well as other opportunities that Stargazer currently has available.

When does the video have to be ready?

Anytime! This is an ongoing campaign, so just let us know when your available to submit a video and we’ll go from there.