How do I become a Stargazer Influencer?
Create your social media profile here in order to explore the campaign opportunities available to you.
How do I get access to campaigns?
Stargazer will reach out via Email when you are matched with a campaign. Generally, the Email will mention the offer and campaign details. Influencers will also be able to sign up for open campaigns on the Stargazer platform!
What happens after a campaign is accepted?
Once the Influencer rate has been accepted by Stargazer, create, create, create! Influencers will have creative freedom as long as the campaign guidelines are met. Once you’ve finished creating your content, submit it to Stargazer on the platform for review.
What happens if my content is not approved?
There may be times where you forgot one or more of the guideline details (It happens to the best of us). No worries, Stargazer reviews the campaign content you create before you post it. This gives us a chance to review your awesome content and gives you a chance to make any edits if needed.
Will I get paid if I post unapproved content?
Stargazer will only make payments to influencers for content that is approved in the platform. So make sure you submit your work for review prior to posting content or going live.
What is the payment process?
Payment information must be included in the platform in order for payment to properly process. This can be done at