The best influencer platform, managed by influencer experts.

We manage all of your influencer campaigns in one place with our campaign management tool.


We handle everything
Identification, logistics, management, reporting.

  • Precise Targeting


    Precise Targeting

    Reach the right consumers for your brand.


  • Predictive Analytics


    Predictive analytics

    Select influencers based on their performances prediction.

  • Campaign Results

    Campaign results

    Review all influencer videos and monitor their results live.

  • Create content at scale

    Create content at scale

    Create hours of content on the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

We provide highly detailed Influencers data

We use our platform to identify and vet authentic influencers with the ideal target audience for your brand.


2M+ Influencers by refined metrics

Industry and location, interests, audience demographics, audience engagement. 

Predictive analytics

Our platform determines the best influencer rate to reach your KPI's


We assist in coming up with creative guidelines for the influencers.


We track all campaign results and assemble a campaign analysis report

Work with the best influencers


Our partners

Getting started is quick and easy

Eliminate manual tasks, launch ads quickly, get the most out of your ad budget with our predictive results.

Set up your goals and your demographic target
Confirm our influencers selection
Run campaign at scale

What customers say about us

  • We have now worked multiple time with Stargazer and they have become an integral part of our growth strategy. They were able to perform at scale with the same level of professionalism and precision.
    Sho Masuda
    Vice President of growth at Mercari
  • From my perspective of working at software companies for the past 15+ years, I can tell you that Stargazer platform is top-notch! I do appreciate what you guys did under such a time pressure! I appreciate the brand endorsement effect - all videos were executed really professionally and with great authenticity.
    Victoria Dodeva
    VP Marketing & Content at FITE
  • Stargazer product is by far the best and the one that produces the highest ROI campaign so far. The solution was really transformative and help us to have an approach more targeted and efficient.
    Mathieu Nouzareth
    CEO at Freshplanet


Your money is held securely in escrow throughout the entire campaign, and our small 25% is deducted from your total budget.
You don't have any budget in mind?
No problem, you can "pay as you go". You'll be charged only when content is approved.

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